Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Comic Review - Mega Man #16 incomplete

I KNEW that well designed soldier with a speaking line in the first arc was of note, lol! What happened to Harvey tho? He couldn't have died, mmkay?

Pharoah Man REALLY should have some sort of visual representation when he scans. Either gathering an energy light ball or opening an Osiris eye. He needs to be more visually exciting when he's working (I'm just being biased). Hey, he turned his arm into an arm cannon! Doesn't he he just toss energy balls in the game? I think the ruby spears toon gave him an arm cannon tho.

Turns out he WAS using glowing orbs! Shot from his arm cannon! Awesome! I just didn't notice at first glance! I thought they were random fire damage.

Quake Woman and Lalinde will sue Cassock for plagiarism when he builds Drill Man

Wily likes to pun I always like the name Break Man versus Proto Man.

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