Saturday, 18 August 2012

PH Brony Anniversary - incomplete ramble post

I came back from the first anniversary Ph Brony con a few hours ago.  It went pretty well.  Great in fact!  I got lots of pics and should arrange them here somehow.  Cool stuff that happened would be:
Mjolna is the 'Thor' pony

- getting a keychain cuz I pre registered.  It was a blind pick and I got... a Shadowbolt cutie mark keychain.  It looked great, with a skull and a wing but I saw a guy with a lightning and a hammer cutie mark keychain.  They said it belonged to an OC named... Yuna?  Milouna?  Or something.  But it was obviously Thor related so... I traded the Shadowbolt for the Hammer.  I'm kinda having second thoughts now.  The skull wing was awfully cool, LOL!
I wonder if he has a sister named Cut Paste?

- there were no mascot type costumes but a cut out, flat, cardboard Pony named Cut and Paste walked around for a bit, LMAO!
Guess who doesn't belong here?  Yeah... LOL!
- Sadly, only one lady really came to join the cosplay.  She was Applejack inspired.  I came in my cowboy hat, red scarf and long sleeve with an apple as prop to show my support as an 'Apple cousin' but I wasn't really going to join the cosplay contest because, y'know, I wasn't really part of the show.  Just an OC character.  Two pastry sellers dressed as Twilight Sparkle and another as Flutteryshy where also just dressed that way for kicks.  Contest later...

- There was a freedom wall to write anything in.  I wrote 'Licorice (has) Split' cuz he's my personal original Pony Changeling character.
Seriously, my stomach did cramp!  But I had to wiiiiin!
- There was a longest Fluttershy 'yay' contest, which I joined.  I didn't use my real name and thought of the name ' Cousin Applecore' while lined up.  I did Fluttershy's 'yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay' for 25.69 seconds and beat out four other people to win a marshmallow Wiggles candy pack, YAY!  I shared the marshmallows out, of course :)
It's so tempting to try and stack them up.  Cute little things!

- The program was interrupted because hand made pony plushies just arrived and the seller got mobbed.  They were stuffed cubes in pony form and they were all sold out!  I was tempted to get one but I didn't...

- There were commissions from artists and I was going to buy a Pinkie Pie bookmark but they ran out.  There were jackets too but they were pre ordered.
Pony Cube Plushies by Or was it OliveCube.tumbler?
- the auction was CRAZY.  The guys were paying huge amounts for stuff like a set of the Mane Six cutie mark keychains minus Fluttershy but with Derpy included, a custom Gala outfit Fluttershy, artwork of the Mane Six in army gear and mini custom pony cubes of Twilight and Shining Armor.  I was flabbergasted!   Others were a Derpy cake and single Shining Armor toy.

- The cosplay contest was suppose to start but only Applejack was signing up.  I went to the pastry sellers and tried talking them into joining.  The moderator did too.  He said there were three prizes so that means if the two Twilights and Fluttershy join Applejack, they have a 3 in 4 chance of winning.  I already won the yay contest so I just went along to show my support.  The ladies except Fluttershy took forever in the bathroom to get their wigs on right, LOL!  We did the catwalk one by one and were suppose to introduce ourselves and talk about our character.  There was a criteria like knowledge of the character you chose.  AJ called out for Applebloom in an accent.  Twilight 1 cackled like she did in Lesson Zero. I was thinking furiously in line.  I was going to say "What the heck, I can't complete with the ladies.  I won a prize anyhow." but went with "I'm Cousin Applecore and I'm rotten to the core!  I'm going to sneak into Sweet Apple Acres and steal Applejack's seed for Zap Apples, ha HA!"  AJ said something off stage like "You just try it" and I went "Oh yeah, just you wait Applejack" and I was done.  Fluttershy kept stroking her hair and whispering quiet answers to the host.  Twilight 2 had a Smarty Pants doll and she SANG Best Brother Forever!  That was a surprise.
I have my own Fluttershy!!!
- Bigger surprise was that I won second place!  I thought for sure the girls would win but I think my delivery and inclusion of being an evil Apple cousin and stealing Zap Apple seeds got me in.  DANG!  I won a WHOLE APPLE PIE and a Fluttershy cube pony!  I got my OWN cube pony!  I think I would have preferred Pinkie Pie or even Rarity (the white was striking but she would have gotten dirty quick) or Applejack (she had a hat) but, still, I WON my own cube pony!  :D

- There were sing a longs with Winter Wrap Up, a Flim Flam brothers duet.  It was a little scattered but it was awesome singing along with audience participation.

- a guy dressed up in a husky suit.  It wasn't mentioned out loud that it was furry but it was an unspoken thing.

- there were snacks of pasta and dinner with pork and the lady cut up the Derpy cake and I just HAD to ask if I could taste it and I ended up eating a chunk :(  The lady was suppose to bring the head home but it was already too small so she shared it out with the others.  She was too shy to tell them so I carried the cake to two tables and some guys dug in.  I ended up eating more again.  Yay for cake :)

- I talked to the singers and the moderators about getting them to perform for the toy distributers toy launches but we'll see.  I bought their compilation but there's only instrumentals in it.  I recorded the music so I'll see how the head guys react when they hear it.  I hope they ok the use of season 1 song covers for the launches.

- it was announced that the second Brony con is Feb 16 2013.  I protested cuz that's Valentine's Day weekend.  We can't bring our Valentine's dates to the con, they might not be fans, LOL!  Today's event is the Anniversary of the group and not really a con so they one next year is just the second.

  I didn't actually make close connections with the others but we did talk around and people were friendly.  More guys than girls though.  A few people brought their Hasbro FiM toys to display on the table.  The cupcakes and gingerbread cookies on a stick were decorated as cutie marks or Sugarcube corner treats.

    Ok, I really rambled here, LOL!  I can't wait to make a pony suit (hopefully a decent one) and maybe do a dance in it, LOL!  I kinda wanted more songs and games really but it was pretty cool for a closed con.  I counted about 80-90 almost 100 people in attendance.  Pretty good! :D

  I gave the apple pie to my mom.  I didn't tell her I won it in a contest.  She must figure I bought it for her special, ha. ha.  But I'm keeping the Fluttershy cube pony!  :D

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