Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Toy Review - Jollibee Green Lantern

Jollibee had a Green Lantern Animated Series promotion with a two sets of toys. One is a small Hal Jordan 'Energy Spinner' and the other one is a ring projector.

I picked up Hal Jordan. The mold is based in the Justice League Unlimited figures so he's difficult to stand. Good job on try crafting though. His gimmick is the knob on his shoulder that you can spin. You can attach the hammer, shield and lantern battery on Hal's fist to have him spin it. Eeh.

There's a hallow on his back where you can shove the ring to light up Hal's chest. I haven't gotten the ring yet so I haven't tried it.

Good mini Hal figure. Ugly accessories. I loved the show so it would have been nice to have an Aya, Razer or Saint Walker figure.

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