Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Movie Review - Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania
No, I don't have rabies! You can't see my cape either.
  Halloween is almost upon us so there be a horror movies coming your way!  Good thing there's a few of them aimed for kids.  Like Hotel Transylvania.
Welcome, welcome!  Don't forget to tip the zombies.
  Now why in the world would Dracula decide to get into the hotel business?  I understand his purpose to protect his daughter Mavis but he could have just built a well-protected, impregnable castle.  Why open a hotel?  It's because Dracula values his family and friends enough to offer them sanctuary against the evil and hurtful outside world.  Plus Mavis needs to interact with more people other than zombies and suits of armor.
Staring contests are just one of the many games at the hotel.
   Yes, it's the guests that bring in the fun (as Dracula is actually very booooooring).  Frankenstein will have you in stitches.  The Mummy is a party animal, more so than the domesticated Werewolf.  The Invisible Man is outta sight.  Bad puns aside, the weekend at the hotel is a barrel of laughs with the slapstick and biting wit, and I don't mean Dracula's.  BTW, that little old lady?  She's a gremlin (since when are they omnivorous to that extent).  Of course, it's the last minute, unexpected arrival that throws everything into chaos...
I like your hair...
  Even though it's a comedy, the movie is also a love story, which sucks because who the heck wants to fall in love when you're a hundred and 18 years old?  Wait until you're, uh, 25, at least.  But at the very core, the movie is about parenting and what a loving, if somewhat controlling, father would do for his daughter to show his undying love, which is easy if you're immortal.
Outta the way, deadbeat!

  Love probably won't draw the kiddies in but they will marvel at the spectacular animation when it comes to flying tables, fast (well, fleeing) food combat tactics and general wizardry.  Seeing as it is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (I LOVE his Dexter's Lab and Clone Wars!  Samurai Jack was quite artistic too while Sym-Bionic Titan was gone too soon), this isn't a surprise.  Check out all the details in happening in the background as they flash by.  Dracula is pretty amazing to watch with his fluid movements and in-your-face expressions.  His voice could have been better depicted though.  He just goes 'blah, blah, blah' (I'm just biased against Adam Sandler). 
It's certainly a monster's ball out there.
  Hotel Tranylvania is well animated and a hilarious comedy.  It's not exceptionally deep but it's bright, fun and a pretty enjoyable flick despite having all these creatures moaning and groaning about, haha.

  Oh there's some 2D animation in the credits.  You can leave after the gremlin didn't do it.


SPOILERS after the photo credits (ahem, from  "Columbia Pictures.")  and a few more spoiler periods.
The shower scene just too much exposure.


  Quasimodo rocked!  But he was only telling the truth.  They didn't have to treat him that way.  Esmeralda was a nice touch too, from the original source material.
It's not a funeral dirge, at least.
  The 'we love monsters' thing is a liiiiittle too convenient.  Honestly.  If it was just mentioned as Halloween, it would be easier.  But a monster festival? 

  The fake village was great, hehe.
Daddy's little girl.
  Seriously, Johnny was 21.  Mavis was (100+) 18.  And they're to be married already?  Now that's rushing a wedding. But they had to explain that it was perfect and meant to be with the 'zing'.  I suppose they're trying to make it into a new hip word.

  What exactly is the emergency the suit of armor was talking about?  Was it the guests fighting with zombie composers?
  Dracula's telekinesis is sort of just there.  He just had this magic.  With all the vampire shows with their extra powers, children are already accepting of vampires having extra abilities?  Plus sunlight was an inconvenience to him but not fatal.  He probably didn't the cape walk.  But of course, it was needed as a touching moment.
Did they travel by foot?

  With no recent Frankenstein movies, I don't think children get the whole 'fire=bad' thing when it comes to Frankenstein.

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