Thursday, 6 September 2012

Movie Review - Step Up 4 Revolution

Step Up 4 Revolution
Yes, I'm actually peeking.
I have a case of dance envy.  I want to learn how to dance properly so, supposedly, Step 4 would 'revolutionize' my basic steps.  Well, the movie taught me what the street dance lady told me at the gym: that you have to 'find your passion or inspiration' and 'you have to feel the beat and the music'.  The movie also taught me about 'following your dream' and 'listening to your heart' and 'family matters' and 'don't sell out' and others, haha.

Step Up 4's plot is almost the usual 80's success story.  Very simple, with the downtrodden masses going against the more powerful corporation.  The love angle was thrown in, as is the standard, but the other conflict with the best friend is practically manufactured.  Even so, there's nothing wrong with the almost generic plot as the innovation and creativity is suppose to stem from the dance routines.

There's five choreographed scenes, each with a different theme and flavor.  They bust out the colorful attires and make good use of the environment as they move to their fresh beats.  The museum dance is noticeably the most varied but the finale goes all out with the multiple gimmicks and performers.  More spontaneous grooves would have been welcomed, like the early dance battle, but all are excellently executed.

The dancers are all pretty, handsome and fit as hell.  Their acting skills aren't really put to the test but the drama isn't really that deep enough to warrant awards anyhow.  The passion is in the steps so just enjoy the moves in this Step Up movie.

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