Monday, 22 October 2012

Event Review - Star Movies Movie Marathon / Triathlon

They had a head start!

   It is the third Star Movies Movie Marathon, where contestants are challenged to watch films for as long as they can with no breaks. Scratch that, this is actually a Movie Triathlon, the very first one.  Held at Newport Cinemas in Resorts World, it's a triple threat as participants are no longer tasked to stay glued to their seats. This time around, there's actual physical exertion involved.
You are what you eat...
   The concept sounds good. TV fans shouldn't be vegetating in front of their sets for hours on end. One has to take breaks, stand up and get some exercise. Couch potatoes are a no-no. The Movie Triathlon has four physical challenges set for the film fans. Different physical routines with circuit training devised by 360 Fitness Club, the art of holding proper form with yoga by Urban Ashram, endurance spinning/ (biking) and treadmill running provided by Fitness and Athletics.  Seems simple enough but it's harder than it sounds. Half of the contenders were slaughtered during the circuit training and the flexibility demanded by the yoga exercises eliminated most of the males
The host asked if anyone wanted to try the bike. I totally raised my hand but she didn't see me, aaaw!
   The usual rules from the past contests still apply. No bathroom breaks, no sleeping, no use of mobile devices, no talking and others designed to weed out the determined from the totally determined.  Bouncers were on the look out for those who break the rules.  It's cold in the cinema but you can't fidget or else you're gone. Good thing they have jackets provided. There's food and drinks, including coffee, but one has to balance sustenance between dehydration and having to go to the bathroom.

Tip - regulate food and drink
   The movies featured during the 16 hour trial by telethon were black and white classics.  I would have liked to have sat down and watched through the whole run of Casablanca myself (I finally heard the iconic ' here's looking at you, kid') but the films were periodically interrupted by start of the daunting physical challenges.

Tip - get enough rest beforehand
   Since it's the first time this was implemented, there were some hitches. There were bits of disorganization concerning rule enforcement and some strictness or leniency with the infractions done by the players. Perhaps a second witness would be needed to ensure the validity of the elimination? That would require doubling the manpower and bouncers would almost be subjected to the same conditions as the contestants. But this triathlon is the model for which the other contests will be based upon so it could only be improved upon next year.

Tip - train on flexibility
   And I really do hope so. The Movie Triathlon is a challenge I myself would like to try.  I talked with a few of the eliminated triathletes about what did them in, what they felt afterwards, what was the worst part and all that.  I heard about the pain from trying to be as still as possible for a long stretch of time then suddenly following it up with grueling exercises, how difficult it was not to fidget, how tired or thirsty or hungry they got and all that.  It wasn't easy.  It was "frustrating".  But they also mentioned the good parts.  It was "a real challenge", "a good experience", had "enjoyable movies" and "great freebies".  If just the freebies made it worth it, then the P150,000 prize is even more so!  Better get ready for the next Star Movies Movie Triathlon next year!  Unless it's a Quadathlon.  Or Quintathlon?  If those even exist, hehe.
Tip - watch unconscious movement
Run, popcorn, RUN!

Tip - prepare for pain!

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