Monday, 15 October 2012

Movie Review - Argo

I can't reach the poster, Arg(h)o!
  I picked up this great/horrible piece of advice on how to lie from a tv show. I think it went like 'if you're going to lie, make it huge.' Ha! Well, nothing's quite a huge as the lie that makes up the movie in a movie that is Argo.
Wait, weren't there six of us?!?
  The film starts with a history lesson on the atrocities that occur in Iran then follows through with the frightening events that happen in the American Embassy. It leaves six Americans hiding out from extremists out for their blood. The dilemma is how to extract them safely from the politically unstable country.
Let's table this discussion after lunch...
  That's where Tony Mendez and his ridiculously 'bad' idea comes in. He proposes to bring the Americans home by having them pose as a Canadian film crew scouting out locations for a fake move, Argo. The idea is as outrageous as the sci fi movie that they're not really making but the whole enterprise results in a thrilling experience for movie goers.
  While the sci-fi in the movie is all fake, the film itself has more suspense and thrills than over some regular action movies. There are more than a few heart-stopping moments that have you at the edge of your seat. This is heightened by the fact that premise of Argo is based on true events. The hostage situation in Iran all happened; the rescue really was attempted. For purposes of storytelling, I'm sure several close calls were manufactured to increase the level of tension but the danger was authentic so any mistakes made would be fatal in a very literal sense.
Our poster doesn't list who the lead stars are.
  There are slices of Hollywood life interspersed between the numerous atrocities. It adds a bit of lightheartedness in an otherwise grim situation. I'm a little disappointed that there wasn't enough evidence of movie magic involved in the rescue operation but they were trying to be plausible and believable enough to pass through the homicidal guards.
We're in a hurry so you all better act fast!
  The literal Argo of Greek legends would be a ship that transported heroes to retrieve a golden fleece. The Argo within the movie is a sci fi adventure involving aliens, laser blasters, hovercrafts and goofy robots. The Argo you can actually in theaters on Oct 17, 2012 is an unbelievable cover story that will have you holding your breath during the incredible rescue operation. It's the last one that you should watch out for :)

Who cares if our space ship is more like a bus transport, I want outta here!
  "Argo $&@% yourself!"if you look at the SPOILERS below.  Right after the poster (and other pictures) provided by Warner Bros. Pictures.
When facial hair was the fashion...


It's a science fiction movie?  Why couldn't we have started in a James Bond mission?
  Yeah, I'm a little disappointed that Mendez was the only agent sent into Iran. I thought they'd have a make-up specialist and some monster props along, haha. They only had the script and storyboards. Guess he had to travel light.

  The Star Wars figures in the ending were placed wrong so their names don't match, haha.
Well, we know the movie can't flop if it doesn't even get made.
  I feel pretty bad that they didn't even try to push through with the movie afterwards. If it was a true Hollywood movie, they would have filmed it regardless and it would have been a successful blockbuster:)
I'm the director.  Direct me to the plane, if you please.
  I wanted to know more about the script too. It looked like the 'producer' was doing some fast talking at the airport and maaaaaybe trying to link the plot of Argo with the political going ons in Iran. Like the people having to free the son of the hero and stuff like that. It was suspicious of Mendez to leave the storyboards behind, even as souvenirs.

  Mendez and the special effects guy got awarded. What about the producer? He was in on it from the start but he wasn't recognized for his efforts?

  I'm glad all the other hostages survived. They were trapped for so long though. Why did the guard open the door anyhow? Sheesh. That scene with the fake firing squad was terrifying and they actually do psychological tricks like that. Horrible.
It's my movie so I wanna stand out.
  Ha, if they were going for a gratuitous scene, they could have done it with the sci fi extras instead of Affleck.
Is there something... fishy going on? No, just a red herring.
  The traitorous maid was a red herring but I'm so glad they showed her escaping as well. Glad the Canadians were ok too.

We have to look different but still look like our passports?  Huh?
   From the ending, it was quite funny to see how close the actors matched the real live escapees. Also the Canadians. It was Affleck who didn't match Mendez's look, haha.

  Oh, I recall that show with the huge lie to be from Doogie Howser.


  1. Good review Benedict. Affleck does a nice job with his direction, but this is definitely not his strongest feature despite being his most ambitious. It’s entertaining, well-acted, and fun to watch, but not as tense as it should have been.

    1. Thanks. Actually, there really aren't that many tense scenes and most of them were manufactured (the demonstration blocking their path, the tickets almost not reaching there in time, chasing the plane) but it was still good entertainment :)

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