Monday, 1 October 2012

Sketch-Ep 01 - Young Justice 208 Satisfaction

I haven't done my komik reviews but I'm trying something new. I can't draw so I'm just doodling stuff from episodes I watch. It should be called 'splatters' or 'blots' cuz they're 'sketch-ups' from eps. I need a ketchup bottle as a logo, haha.

Woohoo, new Young Justice episode! The main thrust of the story deals with original Roy back from the 'dead'. I can't abide with his course of action but I hope he sticks around and distinguishes himself from clone Roy. The subplots are interesting, especially Sportsmaster's side of things. Find Lagoon Boy soon!


I wanted to draw Mercy asking Luthor why SHE didn't get a better bionic arm model like Arsenal did but that's be a spoiler.

Neptune's beard, Arsenal is stupid to accept gifts from the guy who ruined him. It's like that stupid Marrow bit in Wolverine and the X-Men where she blames Xavier for getting the friendly Sentinel Rover destroyed and so betrays him to the Sentinels, sheesh. But, as a counterpoint, Lex's gift to Superboy, the S-Shields did exactly what was written on the tin. They granted him temp powers. There were no secret mind control stuff because THOSE were already implanted previously. The S-Shields were clean. Well, except for the rage aggression increase but maybe they were just bugs to be worked out.

While it's highly doubtful that the new arm is booby trap free, yeah, accepting the arm is better than being shot full of holes at that point in the confrontation.

Stupid coincidence of Captain Cold robbing a bank when the girls were oh-so-conveniently there. What are the chances that it was planned? Anyhow, wow, they included Rocket's teen pregnancy from the comic.

Monitor duty Mal was perving cuz he knew the ladies were in the shower. Kidding!

I hope they find Lagoon Boy soon please!


  1. Haha! But I still liked the Kirby's Green Arrow, though. I still am a fan of the clean-shaven version.

    He now has stubble on his face for the new52, but that's still fine by me. :P

    "Neptune's beard!" -- Did you watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold? XD

    Anyway -- found your blog through IKM. :)

    1. I was introduced to Green Arrow in comics and toons with him already having his beard. The clean look is alien to me.

      I got 'Neptune's beard' from Lagoon Boy in Young Justice as he is a fave of mine. Aquaman Brave and the Bold is a whole new Arthur but quite a lot of fun! He's a lot like Hercules from Marvel, though married.

      Which is IKM?