Wednesday, 17 October 2012

TV Review - KIX and Thrill

   KIX and Thrill are two new channels released on cable television. Brought to our shores by Celestial Tiger Entertainment, the former lets a variety of action take the center ring while the latter zeroes in on the fear factor but both are set to generate heart-pumping excitement.
You can ring my bell, bell, bell!  Ring my Bellator...
   KIX is described as 'the ultimate action entertainment channel' for the discerning adrenaline junkie. Organized competition is in their line up but not just any type of sports. Sure there's mixed martial arts in the form of the M1 Challenge, It's Showtime and the Bellator Fighting Championships (season 6 and 7) but where else would one find female football players in lingerie? No, seriously. Female football players in lingerie. It bears repeating.
Rev it up!
This is Mad Dogs and we speak with British accents.
   There are also specialized shows from other countries such as Korea's futuristic, self-healing crime fighter Hero, Top Gear Korea, aimed at more extreme racing enthusiasts, and UK's Mad Dogs, a psychological black comedy with guns!
V for Vendetta verily vies for viewers.
   Action movies round off the set with select films from Bollywood such as the sci-fi flick Ra.One starring Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan as a super powered game character and the historical Veer with Salman Khan as prince battling to free his country.
Our very own, The Road!
   On the flip side, Thrill delivers another kind of excitement that gets your blood pumping. Maybe even gushing out of your neck as you catch yourself with your heart in your throat. Thrill is, naturally or supernaturally, all about fear and suspense. It's not just frights at night, it's 24 hours of terror! And it's fun!
Of course there would be ghosts on air.  They float, after all.
   It's a staple to have horror films but the classic spine tinglers will be mixed with exotic flavors around Asia in the Asian Fear Fest. One can whet one's appetite for gruesomeness with fear flicks such as Fragrant Night Vampire, Ghost on Air and even our very own 'The Road.'
Psychos are dangerous enough but psycho ghosts?!?
   Even the TV shows are in on the supernatural scares. Check out the Korean hit Blood Thirsty Prosecutor, a lawyer using his vampire abilities on the side of justice. There's also the highly rated Bedlam from the UK, about malevolent hauntings in a former mental asylum. 
Shouldn't evil spirits have creepier names?
   More reasons to stay up late (for fear of nightmares!) would be episodes and mini-series like gothic Psychoville, the mysterious Coma and the off-the-wall Holliston.
Have some 30 Days of Night..mares!
   So watch out for KIX and Thrill, found on channel 63 and 73 on SkyCable, channel 220 and 201 on Cablelink and channel 10 and 11 on Destiny. Be it from adrenaline or terror, you're sure to get your fix of excitement!
I asked him about the English subtitling. No voice dubbing here!

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