Sunday, 4 November 2012

Movie Review - TikTik, The Aswang Chronicles

How old was the piggy?  He wasn't a piglet anymore.
   Yeah, Tiktik, the Aswang Chronicles was so scary that I had to watch it with my mom... Just kidding!  She wanted to see how Dingdong Dantes acting was, I think.  I came along for the ride.

  Well, it was... a decent effort.  The film had a uniform look (with all the supposed green screen use).  The CGI was... ok.  I was just quite happy that there were other shapeshifters.  The ashing scenes look like they came from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Blade movies.  The final confrontation was really rather good with the well-executed action mixed with music.

  It just would have been nicer to have characters who weren't acting stupidly.  I suppose this is typical in horror movies but c'mon.  The father not attacking at once when his wife was being bitten.  The father and son just standing around because the other two were not explaining well enough.  Placing the bed right by the window.  Perhaps it's intentional for the humor factor but, eh, if you can't find the right balance, either go serious or go comedy.  The pregnant lady couldn't scream at all. The servant plotline didn't go anywhere in the end.

  Some exposition on the mythology would have been most welcome because not everyone knows about aswangs and their different types.  What was their culture to have them hanging around among humans and when do they decide to eat babies?  The tiktik sound was only mentioned once.  The long tongue was used only once as well.  What's with the bird in the mouth and boosting of shapeshifting?  What's with the explanation on the salt and garlic weakness?  What's the final monster suppose to be?  Why is the whip (from a manta ray?) effective against them?  Because it's from the sea ala its salty?

  I don't have a lot to compare Tiktik with but it's still a decent effort.  It's a step in the right the direction.  Just needs more refinement.  All things considered, it deserves a pat on the back and a 'good job.'

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