Tuesday, 4 December 2012

TV Review - JackCITY

Are puns too sophisticated for JackCity?
You are now entering JackCITY.  Population... time to find out!
   Welcome to JackCITY, a new channel with new shows. It's a 'sidequel' to JackTV, meaning that it is a parallel and not a continuation.  It's an equal of sorts, with a different market but still set out to entertain. 'Drama with Style' is the general tagline but it seems to be mostly crime-related with shows like Covert Affairs, NCIS,White Collar, Bones, The Mentalist and others.
The real mystery is what's up with Watson.
   JackCITY's new offerings are of a similar vein.  'Elementary' is a modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes (with a female Asian Watson) no less and 'Vegas' is a former sheriff's struggle against mobsters in the 1960's.  The TV shows they share with JackTV have more outlandish motifs but still have law enforcement as their theme.  'Grimm' is a fantasy based series that has a cop as its protagonist while 'Arrow's street level crime fighting is their entry into the superhero genre.  The nature of the two cross pollinates with the lighter fare of JackTV but their time slots will coincide so there is no competition within the network.
Get the point?
   So what's the 'Drama with Style?'  Their drama is not the one that refers to tear inducing situations, juicy gossip and hysterical over-the-top reactions.  That would be melodrama.  JackCITY has a flavors its drama with intrigue that goes with complex interpersonal character relationships that's not just about romance. Action and suspense has to be included in the mix.
Not quite the bright lights of Vegas, yet.
  As the target audience of JackCITY would be young professionals and executives, sophistication is the key here, not just regular mass market entertainment. It's wares are for discerning viewers who have goals in achievements in  mind and pursue them with single-minded determination, quite similar to the protagonists in the TV shows who are out to solve their cases.  Special care is taken to be as up-to-date with the American release of the episodes as possible.
Burn, baby, burn!
   The shows are suppose to target men and women but there hardly seems to be any specific shows catering to the ladies (yet?). Supposedly, the attractive male stars in shows like 'White Collar' and 'Arrow' would draw in the female crowd with generous amounts of gratuitous exposure but women might look for more in their relationship with the boob tube. Shows set for 2013 would be set to catch their attention like the firemen in 'Chicago Fires' or the return of the classic family saga that is 'Dallas'.
Will they update the theme song?  I don't even remember it.
   If you demand your drama with style and sophistication, watch JackCITY on UHF free TV on channel 31, Cable Link on channel  40, Global Destiny on channel 60 and SkyCable on channel 84. 
Apparently the most wanted?
Check out the shoes!

He's got a bone to pick with her.

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