Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Resolutions for 2013 and other Kraziness

   It's 2013 and I might as well get the kraziness out of the way first.
I have the sudden urge to play dominoes...
   First off would be Resolution.  It's not going to be a lot.  

1.  Get abs.
2.  Sleep more.
3.  Work on it.

  Should be simple enough, haha.  Well, the 'get abs' part requires MORE resolutions, which accounts for the Kraziness.

  Second off, I'll follow five rules for fitness.  I'll add more but I'll do five first to keep it simple.

1.  Play Fake Kinect in the morning.
2.  Eat breakfast and lunch of Koko Krunch and fruit.
3.  Walk the dog.
4.  Drink coffee before working out.
5.  No bread or midnight snacking at night.

  Explanation time:

1.  Fake Kinect is just Dance Central routines, haha.  I should do 15 minutes to get sweating in the morning.  Should be five songs but I end up going over because it's fun.

3.  The dog is the neighbors' and I'll use it as an excuse to get my nephew outside for him to get exercise.  I'll pay him P10 but it will go to the XBox fund, haha.

4.  Caffeine stimulates the muscles for working out so it's beneficial to drink coffee before lifting.  It says so online somewhere.  Can't get a specific link right now.
5.  Ugh, I usually snack on peanut butter on bread at night so I have to totally cut that and eating anything after dinner out.
Yes, I have a Koko Krunch bowl.  It was a freebie a long time ago, haha.
  Now 2. with Koko Krunch is more involved.  It's mostly to enter a raffle contest but I bought 12 boxes of Koko Krunch at one go.  The cereal became mostly Christmas presents (haha!) but I figure I'll apply the Kellog's Special K diet plan with a Koko Krunch substitute.  Yeah, I'm doing my Krazy stunt early in the year to get it out of the way, haha.
The Duo was a present!  Thanks for the support! :D
   The Special K diet is just eating a bowl of the cereal (45grams) as two of your main meals for a day, breakfast and lunch/dinner.  Since I have a lot of Koko Krunch, I'll do just that but supplement with fruit.  I'll do it for a month and a half (until mid February) and see how it goes. I dunno how healthy/unhealthy it's going to be but we'll see...
One cup is approximately the size of a fist... Where's Popeye?
  For reference, I'm 5'6.5' and 138lbs as of January 1, 2013.  I've been a gym member since October 2011 and I'd like to try Ryan Reynold's Blade Trinity workout where he only exercises one body part a week.  Here we go...
Yeah, I'm cheating and took a pic right after a chest workout.  This is the evening of Dec 31st.

Uh, advertising?

Almost the oldest pic I have that's handy.

Yeah, I'm cheating when I take the pic cuz I hold my tummy in.
Icon do it!

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