Tuesday, 15 January 2013

SketchEp 04 - Young Justice 211 Cornered

Young Justice 211 Just saw Cornered.

OMG L-Ron!!! It's the Giffen League all over again!!!

... Argh! Why is he not working for Manga Khan?!?!? I despair at him Heralding the wrong character! The clothes make the man and without Manga Khan's as the guardian 'gainst gaudy get-ups, who knows what fashion faux pas may filter forthwith? Mistaken identities for sure!

(lmao) anyhow, great episode! What's up with L-Ron's isms? Mal distinguishing himself by being indistinguishable was a surprise, Granted, it works.

Who are the superfriends now? JLU's Ultimen has me thinking they'd be five as Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Samurai, Zan and Jayna but from the kids sitting down... Static is Black Vulcan, Jaime's friend is the chief, green kid is Samurai, white kid is Zan/Jayna. Aren't there more? El Dorado? A Gleep?

Edit to say - whoops! I mixed up Manga Khan for Mr. Nebula! Manga is a regular sized trader while Nebula is the style oriented Galactus parody with the Scarlet Skier. I was just caught up in making the L-Ron wrong herald pun referring to Mal, haha. Oh well.

Very cool that Michael T Weiss is Captain Atom :)

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