Monday, 15 July 2013

Movie Review - Despicable Me 2

More LUCY!
   Despicable Me was a success so the sequel was inevitable.  The hook wasn't about the gadgets and the spy stuff.  It wasn't even about the story of a coldhearted man warming up to children in a paternal way.  It was always about the humor surrounding the Minions.  It's their wacky antics and gibberish that caught fire with the audience.  Naturally, the new film capitalized on this by sacrificed some of the soul of the story.  But, for the sake of comedy, it can be laughed off.

   The film was incredibly colorful, CGI at its finest.  Smooth and breathtaking with scenes like the underwater swim and mall environment.  Nothing new there. 

   Gru and the girls haven't really changed and the Minions were as wacky as ever, though getting more screen time.  It's Lucy the female agent that was a gem of a character.  She was awkward but confident, odd yet attractive.  She was expertly realized by Kristen Wiig, if a transplant from a looney show she was voice acting.  Seeing more of her would have been so good.

   Gru and Lucy should have had more missions together.  They only had one official missions.  Lucy was just on the radio with the hairdresser.  After that, they bonded with the disastrous date. 

   This relates to the owners in the mall.  It would have been a twist if they were almost all criminal masterminds, all wanting what Gru wanted, a normal life.  Even if they weren't, they could have been investigated for the unique characters they are, resulting in a montage of Gru and Lucy spy misadventures, which would have been very amusing.

   El Macho's motivations for disappearing weren't really revealed anymore.  It would have been more heartwarming to find out that he quit the villain biz because of love and to settle down.  As for conquering the world, perhaps his heart was broken?  His son is an unexplained loose end too.  Did he know about his father's activities?  Was he just a typical teen or had some evil leanings?

   The little girls were ignored again.  The eldest had her plot line with the boyfriend and the youngest was designed to be cute but the middle child was put the wayside.  It would have been fun to explore her side as she was the most action oriented and out there, the best of the three to follow in Gru footsteps.

   I always found Dr. Nefario to be very odd in the way that Gru needed a mad scientist.  Supposedly, Gru would have been the inventor but with Nefario, he is just the action guy?  Nefario's change of heart happened too quickly.  He was fine to mutate the Minions, who he worked closely with, but switched sides when Lucy, a person he hadn't even met, was in danger?  More elaboration would have been good.

   It may seem that I have a lot of criticism but Despicable me is really quite enjoyable as a silly romp in a colorful world.  A unified theme and more focus would have benefited the story but it can be ignored in the wake of the singing and slapstick stylings of the hilarious Minions.

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