Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Movie Review - Pacific Rim

Who wants to be my drift partner?

  Giant robots versus titanic monsters in violent slugfests.  What more needs to be said?  Other than it was absolutely glorious!
"Boo!"  "Aaaah Knifehead, you jerk!"
  Pacific Rim has a portal opening underneath the ocean and releasing the kaiju, creatures that terrorize the free world.  Jaegers were created to combat the threat but the danger escalates when the timetable accelerates.
Walk the walk...
  Yes, the movie has a plot.  The main arc would have to be Raleigh and Mako connecting to become drift partners but after they are deployed into action, this is largely forgotten.  There was a secondary plot but it was more of an excuse to include the humor characters in a side jaunt.  The humanizing aspect is acknowledged and appreciated but the kaiju jaeger encounters are what it's all about.
Totally a Godzilla scream.
  The kaiju are maintain their fierceness with fearsome alien designs matched with aspects of local fauna.  They share similarities to one another but are mostly distinct in what creature they resemble.  Their attacks are varied and one particular holds many surprises.  They are not lovable by any means but they are fascinating to watch with their brutality.
Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka go fishing.
  The jaegers are highly detailed and more distinct.  Each stands out with special features and it's a shame when they can't deploy their signature moves.  They move with weight you can feel through the screen,  each punch vibrating through your seat as you brace for impact.  There are only a few featured in the film but you want to see more.  Their pilots are interesting characters by themselves with their own histories and exploring these would have been great, circumstances being a deterrent.  Only the bumbling scientists and the black market dealer have more character development in that regard.
We got the best front row seats in the house!
  The battles themselves are a glorious dance of metal and monsters, bots and beasties and yes, you want to have more.  The kaiju have specific abilities that they employ and the jaegers have multiple weapons but it's such a shame that they are not always displayed effectively, by plot or not.  Never mind the thought of how these titans are threading over deep or shallow waters while they skirmish. Just let them get down and dirty.
One small step for man...
  Pacific Rim is a rush.  A thrilling and exciting spectator match with the world in the balance.  Homage or not, for purist fans or newcomers with fresh eyes, it is simply glorious in its raw brutality and wild escapism.  More! MORE!
Show the other jaegers and pilots!
SPOILERS!!!  Don't look unless you've seen the movie or the kaiju will get you!
I'm just a tourist!
The Beast is a businessman.
  Charlie Day made my day.  Burn Gorman can burn in hell.  But those two really stole the show (or Day did) with their exaggerated mannerisms and humor.  They were only offset by Ron Perlman as the dealer.
Make my day!
  Seriously, Mako became a non-entity after the second half.  Sure, too much drama would bog down the action but she practically disappeared in the pilot seat.  I suppose one could say she became one with Raleigh but, really, both simply were lost in Gipsy's cockpit.  Not that it's really a bad thing.
Mako's mind is beginning to drift...
  Chuck and Herc of Striker Eureka had their own issues and it's a shame they weren't brought out too much.  Of course, that pales in comparison to the Russian and Chinese drifters.  Those were uniquely designed and were interesting from the get-go then, boom! They were gone!  Such a waste!
The Russian drifters of Cherno Alpha.
  The jaegers even more so!  Cherno Alpha didn't even have enough time to show his signature moves!  Argh!  Perhaps flashbacks of more complete fights to show their worth could have been used.  It would have been awesome.
Cherno Alpha takes a walk.
  Otachi the kaiju from the Double Event was given too much.  She had a scorpion tail and acid spit to begin with then she was given wings and a baby monster?  Too much for one kaiju.  Cheapened the Class V kaiju later on.  And that guy was kinda pathetic that Striker was almost able to slice it to death until it called for help.  The swimmer was killed far to easily too.
Thunder Cloud formation as done by Crimson Typhoon.
  Gosh, with the portal closed, what will they do for a sequel?  I want to see one or two or three, provided they maintain it's high level of quality action!

Launching Crimson Typhoon.

Gipsy Danger in the purple red light district.
Speak softly and carry a big stick!
Herc and his son Chuck.  Striker Eureka drifters.
Tiiiight fitting.
Kneel before me!
That's just gratuitous, haha.
Chuck and Stacker in their jaeger suits.
Striker Eureka's chest missiles.

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