Thursday, 18 July 2013

Movie Review - White House Down

The daughter is extremely awesome!
  There was another 'US President under siege' type of movie released alongside this one so I don't know if it was timed for Independence Day but this one was the one I got to see.  I was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Sure, it was a serious terrorist film but it also had slightly silly moments and I loved the little girl for what she represented.

  Now Channing Tatum as an action star should work, though he seems to amiable and nice for it.  He did a lot of running and dodging around instead of hand to hand.  He seemed a bit young and even goofy for a father role but that's just his boyishness.  He want really much of a character really, kinda bland or else his demeanor made it hard to take him seriously as a tough guy.  Jamie Fox can do both serious and funny, ala Django.  He had his share of comedy bits here.  They added a joke terrorist character, looking waaay goofy with a handlebar mustache.  Did he kill anyone?  I don't recall.    I wonder if he really died though. The other humor character, the tour guide, had reason to be mad but it looked psychotic there.  The hacker was a card too, being eccentric in his ways.

  These characters made the movie more fun but the person I adored would be Emily, Channing's daughter.  She was politically bent and so, so, so very brave!  I didn't think she would get caught when she did but that first scene where she wouldn't crack while a gun was pointed on her head: WOW.  The end scene where the President was explaining that he won't sacrifice the world for her life and she UNDERSTOOD and closed her eyes to wait for her death: WOOOOW.  I loved that so much.  The flag waving in the end was cool too, being patriotic, though I wasn't sure how she knew to do that.  The only bits I didn't like would be her being paralyzed while the President defended himself.  She might not have the nerve to tackle the other guy but she could have thrown stuff at him.  She must have been kicking herself for letting the President die then.

  White House Down didn't take itself too seriously.  It was violent to be sure.  The systematic murder of the guards was shockingly cold.  But they included parts like the limo chase (they just kept going round and round.  Plus bazooka!), the tour guide vs mustache (their interaction could have ended better), Channing Tatum's portrayal in general (sorry but it's true) and it became a heck of a ride.  Emily just took the cake for me though.  I'm glad I watch the movie.  It may not be what folks are really expecting but it was a good experience for me.

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