Sunday, 25 August 2013

Movie Review - The Conjuring

I was expecting some sort of scary extra scene at the end but there's nothing.
   The trailer for the Conjuring got everybody's attention and seems to be a big hit for watching with friends and significant others.  Cuz you wouldn't want to watch this alone, haha.  Yeah, I confess.  I watched it with my mother (she likes horror movies).

   I was surprised to see Patrick Wilson in it.  He wasn't really featured in the trailers.  His side of the story with his wife was not expected as I thought it would just be on the family's viewpoint.  So that was new for me.

   Finding out that there was an actual plot made the movie easier to bear the scares through.  Having a Hollywood narrative guarantees certain tropes as opposed to indies where anything can happen.  This made it less frightening for me, though even if I got the story down, the visuals still freaked me out.

   Yes, I got freaked out.  The old lady stuff was freaky SCARY!  The closet, the tree, the ending confrontation, that dang doll!  Yeah, those got me.  Good and tense scares that worked made it a success in the chills department.

   The actors were really good, though the cop seemed slightly out of place as a humor element.  The kids weren't annoying or amateurish.  It was a decent cast.

   Watch it for thrills!  Though I'm sure movie fans have seen it already by now.

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