Friday, 16 May 2014

Movie Review - Ten Reasons to Watch 'The Other Woman'

Ten Reasons to Watch 'The Other Woman'

1.  It is simply hilarious!  The comedy is more wit and dialogue than slapstick and pratfalls but there's a lot of both.  Raunchy remarks and vulgar visuals fill the flick.  Might not be up to other folks's level of sophistication but you will get a bellyache of laughs.

2.  Where else could you see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau be humiliated and left completely shattered?  If you're not a fan of that horrible rogue Jamie of the Game of Thrones, this is where you'll get to see him eat his just desserts.

3.  Don Johnson, can you believe it?  That Miami Vice-r still has it!

4.  The beach scene with the girl fight is titillating.  Rather short though.  And you would have expect the third lady to join in.

5. Leslie Mann steals the shows.  The title might be referring to Cameron Diaz as the Other Woman but it is THE woman, the actual wife, who flexes the most comedic muscle.  She is both uproariously sad and pathetically hilarious.

6.  It actually takes a full hour before the ladies plan their revenge but it's not about the dastardly deeds they do but the friendship they end up sharing.  The bonds they make and what they experience together is tender and sweet.  Could have been more.

7.   Depending on your family circumstance, it might actually be a great movie to take your mom to.  It's late but still a belated mother's day outing!

8.  Nicki Minaj has about three scenes and she kills it in looks, style and attitude.  Could have been longer but it's practically a cameo.

9.  You get words to live by.  Like 'Selfish people live longer' and 'Cry on the inside like a winner'.  Or else they could be lines you avoid following, hehe.

10.  It may be another movie with women behaving badly, ala frat boy flicks with a gender bend, but it's still very empowering and boosts the self esteem for women.  And it is genuinely funny.

  The Other Woman won't change the world with it's sordid escapades and hilarious hijinks but it's good for a laugh with the ladies and a cautionary tale for the dudes.

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