Saturday, 24 May 2014

Toy Review - Metal Earth RQ-170 Sentinel

   So I was suppose to build a Metal Earth Lockheed Martin's RQ-170 Sentinel with my nephew but he's 12 and the age range for 14+ buuut we still got to work on it anyway, hehe.   We had fun constructing it and we'd probably go faster next time.  I can see where you might get hurt with the sheet metal but you just have to be careful is all.  The finished model is very spiffy but, y'know, it makes me want to get something BIGGER, hehe.

Got the kit from ToyNerd Hobbies at

  There's some video documentation and a whole lot of teasing below, haha.

1.  Just taking the pieces out of the metal sheet. 

2.  Still taking the pieces out. You can bend them back and forth until they pop out.
3.  Finished getting all the pieces.  Really should have just recorded that in one take, haha

4.  We did the last part first by finishing the stand.  My nephew broke the support but it still works. 

5.  Learning curve!  Took a while just to stick the insertion tabs on the support to the bottom of the aircraft.  We had a timer!

6.  Bending the side of the Sentinel.  I wondered about using the decorated fuzzy side on top instead of the mirrored side that the instructions said to use when attaching the engine.  Recording device gets hot.

7.  Rolled the smaller 'bumps' off camera.  There's a third piece they added as an extra.  How thoughtful.  Guest starring some Zoids and a history lesson.

 8.  Just attaching the top of the Sentinel to the bottom half and we're done!  Awesome!  Took about less than 20minutes, including the fuss and finding needle nosed pliers.  Woohoo!

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