Saturday, 18 October 2014

Movie Review - The Judge

   Robert Downey Jr. is known for his fast talk and quick wit in the roles he plays.  He puts his sarcasm and glib repartee to appropriate use as a lawyer in the Judge.  Another Robert, Robert Duvall, plays the titular character, a father with a righteous attitude towards his work and his children. Two deaths conspire to place the pair in a confrontation dealing with the law and blood ties.

   Even with RDJ's motormouth, the film moves at a slow pace, burning time carefully to establish the setting.  It takes 30 minutes before the plot really gets underway.  Numerous quirky characters are introduced to fill the background but the essential protagonists are still RDJ and Duvall.  RDJ can carry the movie with his jerk-ish but charismatic personality but it's Duvall with whom we are sympathetic to.  The bathroom scene was painful to watch.

   The Judge is a deep family drama. It's sure to touch those with paternal conflicts or aging relatives.  There's bits of humor and both Roberts are magnetic, though the film is unnecessarily long, indulging in a few superfluous tangents.  Ultimately, one must judge the Judge by oneself.

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