Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Movie Review - Interstellar

   Interstellar is transcendent in theme and story.  Its length lets it delve into several aspects, turning a sci fi jaunt into a suspense, a family drama and even a bit of action.  Genre savvy folks will be able to figure out the mystery early on and the sentimentality might put off those looking for a strictly cerebral flick but it doesn't detract from the feeling of satisfaction at the conclusion.

   It's possible the setting is an alternate timeline, with the educational system and difference in engineering.  An element of note would be the design of the robots.  What an original conceptual throwback!  Tars and his ilk are delightful in their versatile structure and variable personality. 

   Even as a mixed bag, Interstellar is more than out of this world.  Christopher Nolan did good work.  The lengthy running time may be shortened with the power of love, Nolan's love for his craft.

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