Sunday, 1 March 2015

Movie Review - Focus

   I will admit to not being too excited about Focus when I saw the trailer.  Seemed too serious and suspenseful.  Boy, was I wrong.  Sure, it was serious (Will Smith hasn't done a comedy role for a while now) and, sure, it was suspenseful (it is a crime drama) but it was done with the proper doses.

   Veteran confidence man Nicky finds the neophyte Jess and recruits her for a major con operation.  They meet again under less than ideal conditions, with emotions conflicting with the job at hand.

  The beginning is a conundrum because what the swindlers do is not nice.  They cheat and steal and trick innocent folks with impunity.  The negative effects resulting from their crimes aren't shown, vacationers trying to enjoy themselves have their day ruined or trusting do gooders turn cynical with their losses.  But the audience is suppose to root for these criminals who are shown to be upbeat and having fun as they do their despicable work.  The dichotomy is slightly jarring because they really are the protagonists and circumstances lead the viewer to sympathize with them, especially when they are humanized with love and addiction.  But the film makes it work.  You side with the criminals and you love it.

   The capers they pull off are so intricate and smooth that one can't help but applaud at their precision and dedication.  A lot of the suspense stems from their operations going according to plan or going awry. Humor is injected during certain parts, which further makes the crooks endearing.  

  The movie is practically split into two parts, both differing from each other slightly.  Some twists might be unravelled but it's unlikely because there might be a secondary wrinkle overlooked.  But the movie doesn't lose sight of its main 'focus', which is to entertain.  No need to check if your pockets are picked because you should just hand your movie money to them and thank them for showing you a good time.

   Now for the fun part.  Focus is a cautionary tale about not losing your Focus, or else you'll lose something else, like your wallet or your watch or your innocence.  Nicky the con artist teaches this to Jess right off the bat and continues imparting valuable lessons to her. There's the Toledo Panic Button, Work in Teams, Never Keep Anything, Die With the Lie, Suggestions Everywhere, Don't Leave Pics of Your Genitals on your Phone and so much more.  

   But this isn't free advice, you have to watch the movie to have those elaborated.  What will be listed out is something much simpler and much more valuable than doing a con:  it's lessons on how to get the girl.

   Ok, technically it not any simpler.  In fact, it's a million times more complicated than a swindle.  We're talking about women here!  The strangest, most fickle of creatures to walk on the face of the earth.  But Will Smith 'Nicky' gave it a shot and here's his shorthand tips on Focus-ing on Females for Fun and Frofit, I mean, Profit.

Note : Do NOT take seriously, haha.

1.  Women are Emotional

  This is obvious.  Women are always into feelings, discussing them, wanting to know your own, sharing them whether you want hear them or not.  Pretend to have these 'emotions' to win her over.  It'll be tough but you have to fake it until you make it.

2.  Shared Memory

  You need an established point with said woman, something from the past that she can recall fondly to make her feel safe and comfortable.  It could be an old friend or reminiscing about an fun experience.  Use a callback if you just met her; reference your recent pick up line and admit how cheesy it was and her laughter will help you until you have it made in the shade.

3.  Mimic Mimic

  There's a pretentious name for this, when your woman starts to unconsciously mimic your movements or vice versa, showing that she is accepting and approving of you.  Watch out for these telltale signs as she gets more and more comfortable and keep with the moves until you get the groove.

4.  Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

  Women like to know that they have made an impact on your life. They will say that they want to change you for the better, hence the continuous nagging.  This can't be helped so the sooner you catipulate, the better.  Show some proof that you took her advice or tell her you're wrong and she's always been right.  It might not be true but you gotta admit it to get with it.

5.  Gifts that Keep Giving

  Women like tangible evidences of love.  They may say that love is all they need but what they really want are jewelry and shoes.  Actually, what they want is all your attention on her but getting the fashion accessories will make sure that she gets ALL the attention from ALL the other men.  Sweeten the pot by bequeathing her with a priceless heirloom given to you by your dying grandmother or a valuable trinket recovered from a sucken ship or a coveted necklace with a secret hacking mechanism to make her feel extra special so you can seal the deal.

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