Friday, 24 April 2015

Event Review - The Avengers Experience

   The Avengers Experience would be the larger than life statues and fun activities set at The Block Atrium, SM City North EDSA.  I was there when it opened to the public last April 20, 2015 but I couldn't play the Iron Man targeting game because my grip was impeded (by armor!).  

   I got pictures with the Hulk Buster Iron Man suit and Ultron amidst the folks swarming around Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man's statues.
   This isn't all of the experience though.  April 24 to 26, 2015 boasts having the Avengers Captain America, Thor and Black Widow visiting from international shores.  The was a trivia game at the opening where the host asked fans three incredibly difficult questions about the franchise.

   Kids got the easy questions like the color of the Hulk and the name of Tony's company.  I got the last round which was about Black Widow.  Her real identity and place of origin were simple enough but the most difficult question pertained to her other specialty, along the lines of what she was trained for other than being a spy. What... The... Heck?!?  That escalated quickly, haha.  I was able to answer it though.

   So the host had the crowd pumped up by making us complete the Avengers Assemble chant then welcomed the first Avenger on stage.  My jaw dropped when Black Widow appeared.  She was gorgeous!  Thor stepped out and he was just as majestic (his beard is real!?).  Captain America had the military step and an easy smile.  I was flabbergasted.  They were stunning!

   Naturally, I had to get my pictures with them!  I had to line up, of course.  When it was my turn, I asked Black Widow if her suit glowed blue too (only her gauntlets) then I asked permission if I could hold Thor's hammer and Cap's shield.  They let me!  Just touched them though, not actually carried them.  I wasn't worthy of their greatness, haha.

   I imagine some folks would get to into them.  One brave lady actually had the guts to hug Thor.  I think she did something to Cap too but I didn't see.  I hope we treat Black Widow with respect (or face her sting).  Dang, these guys are just amazing to see in person!  Mightily amazing!

   Too bad they're only around until Sunday, April 26, 2015.  They're out for 30 minutes each, for several times a day.  These Avengers are being generous with us.  The late afternoon for Saturday and Sunday are for ticket holders only but other times are for the general public so catch them while you can!  SM North is dang lucky to have them stay over at their place, yow!

   Hawkeye was suppose to be deployed too but the roster was tight and, frankly, I'd prefer Black Widow to be around to represent, hehe.

I was still recovering from seeing Black Widow so I didn't catch Thor until midway, haha.  The video doesn't do them justice.  You have to see them in person.

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