Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Movie Review - The Interview

   Just recently saw The Interview so here's my thoughts on it.  This political comedy is controversial as it makes fun of the supreme leader of North Korea in the juvenile style of Seth Rogan's films.  Threats of war and terrorist attacks prompted alternate ways to release the film to the public, which probably cut down on the profits or could have made.  But was it worth it?

   Well, if you like frat boy, immature man-child antics, then you're sure to enjoy this flick.  Fart jokes, nudity, substance abuse and steaming banter abounds.  The shock factor isn't extreme if one is familiar with these line of flicks.  Even the fictitious guestings of Eminem and Rob Lowe aren't too surprising.

   On the sensitive political matter, yes, the film is a grievous character attack on North Korea and their leader.  It falls under a satire and parody umbrella so is a form of freedom of speech.  But is the intent to cash up on the nuclear scare?  Perhaps a not so subtle attempt at government change?  Who can say? But the portrayal is, of course, wildly overblown and probably offensive.  Effective to offend?  Admittedly, yes but it brings down a pretty ok Katy Perry song by making it into a punch line.  The tiger scene was funny in a way though.

   The Interview is uproarious and sometimes tries to hard but if it makes you laugh, enjoy.  Now imagine if the crew made a movie about Barack Obama.

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