Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Movie Review - American Heist

   This probably shouldn't be the basis on what is 'American' compared to the other films with the same descriptor (Beauty, Pie, Sniper, Hustle, Horror Story, hehe).  American Heist a bit of a letdown, even if they had the budget for rain, vehicular damages and even a helicopter.  The story was simple enough but it doesn't really draw you in, even with the good looking lead pair for the romantic touch.  Cinematography doesn't try to do anything special so it's decent at the very least but not remarkable.

   What sorta saves the film would be Adrien Brody.  Don't know why he's been slumming it but he makes the most of what he's given and gives a emotionally charged performance.  Possibly overacting but still more passionate acting over his colleagues.

   American Heist is run of the mill.  Even the operation itself was a pretty ordinary bank job except for the distractions they caused.  It might be the film copy but there were twitches and slight sound problems too.  Watch it for Adrien Brody's performance at the very least.

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