Monday, 13 July 2015

Movie Review - Die Fighting

   Well, this is the very definition of a real independent movie.  Most indies I know are these existential, low budget, relationship dramas. This one is an action flick though so should be pretty exciting?  Well... the focus is primarily that and kinda forsakes the other aspects.  

   Die Fighting strings one action scene to another, trying to touch upon some martial arts genres or cinema cliches.  A church encounter, a dojo duel, a warehouse gun fight, an underground cage match... The best was the first one versus a SWAT team because of the hide and seek tactics.  The most laughable was the black street gang because of how the stereotype was pulled off.  Cinematography was constrained by the plot of having cameras placed in strategic locations to capture the skirmishes so any awkward angles can be explained away.

   Now the action was top notch.  It felt strange at first but once you realize that they're mostly all long cuts instead of multiple edits, then you can't help but be impressed by the skill of how the punches and kicks play out.  The lead, Fabian Garcia, moves like a controlled dancer, the taller brother, Laurent Buson, seems to prefer long kicks, the smaller one, Didier Buson, might be the most impressive.  The main combatants fought in an almost detached and precise way, at least, mostly with the lead umber there's an underlying reason for that.  But the take away here would be that the action choreography is very well done, taking into account that there's no special effects involved with the matches.

   The plot is a simple one, where the characters are forced to go all over the city to rescue their loved ones while being filmed.  The problem would be acting as, well, it's really not that good.  Either they're almost deadpan or are overacting.  The death scenes are particularly painful to watch.  It only becomes believable for the lead when the film starts to close and, well, the quality improves.

   Die Fighting tried hard but, well, the acting really just wasn't that good.  It does have a good story (though it can be predicted) and the action is pretty exceptional.  Perhaps another story that can cover for the weaknesses in execution would help this production.


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