Friday, 31 July 2015

Movie Review - Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation

  There's been several Mission Impossible movies already.  Tom Cruise's character was married at one point but no need to worry about that as this new film stands alone.

   The Impossible Missions Force is persecuted on two fronts, one being the bureaucracy of the CIA and the other being an terrorist organization standing for everything the IMF is against.

   The Syndicate isn't actually an Anti-IMF.  If it was, they'd be a bunch of total bunglers.  There's a bit of a conundrum on what their objective is because it doesn't explain how they were able to start operating in the first place.  But who cares?

   Rogue Nation isn't exactly an actual nation but the film is an exciting entry into the world of spy movies.  Exotics locations, counter agents, interesting missions.  I would have done with more awesome gadgets but, well, realm of realism and all that.  The action is varied enough with good pacing and proper fights.

   Tom Cruise could have used a bit more charm as he's pretty dour considering his predicament but his assignments don't really call for suaveness.  He does have moments of humor, also provided by Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin. 
The new face Rebecca Ferguson is beautiful, capable but also displays vulnerability.  What's up with the shoes though?

   It's true that a lot of luck figures into their escapades but that's what makes it fun.  It's not by any means a lighthearted mission but it's not over the top with its grim and grittiness.  Rogue Nation is largely enjoyable; a decent spy action flick with sensible, modern trappings. 

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