Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thoughts Aside - Incomplete Memory Files on the CIA

   Hoo boy, this should be the same as the other list with my first exposure to the top ranked aliens related films but I apparently don't have much film experience with movies involving the CIA.  Why is that?  I must be subconsciously avoiding being on their radar.  Did they mindwipe me or something?  Haha.  I need to check these movies out if they're really the best ranked CIA films.

1.  The Bourne Identity
2.  The Bourne Supremacy
3.  The Bourne Ultimatum
  Nope, nope and nope. Didn't watch them.  I'm not too big on Matt Damon though I did read that he took down a guy with a rolled up newspaper.  Was was his opponent?  A dog?
  I did see a few parts of the Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner. Something about some chemicals in a lab, in the Philippines I think.  Couldn't make heads of tails of it.

4.  Taken
  For shame, I only saw Taken 2 and 3, which I rather enjoyed really.  My favorite spy type bit was setting off two bombs so he could calculate the distance and location through the sound.  Poor daughter, always being in that situation.  The third movie was strange because it wasn't in a foreign country.  Anyhow, I still haven't seen the iconic "I'll find you and kill you" phone conversation.

5.  Spy Game
  Didn't see.

6.  The Hunt for Red October
  Didn't see either but Sean Connery was in it, haha.

7.  Enemy of the State
  I watched this!  Gene Hackman and Will Smith!  I actually don't remember much from it EXCEPT for the very awesome scene when they were suppose to flee in the getaway car but Hackman was thinking about not opening the door for Smith.  Then Will Smith held up the poor kitty pet of Hackman as the cutest hostage material ever and Hackman had to let him in!  Loved it!

8.  Clear and Present Danger
  This was Harrison Ford jogging beside the President's limo, right? 

9.  Three Days of the Condor
  No idea.

10. Casino Royale
  Watched it but, really, there's so much going on that I forget stuff that happens.  The only things I remember would be the beginning with the awesome parkour stunts from the fleeing guy (Daniel Craig couldn't follow suit with the moves but he tried.  The parkour guy should have escaped.), the pocket heart attack kit after Bond was poisoned (that was tense.  More tense to me than the high stakes poker game.  Funny how the CIA contact just gave him the money to gamble) and the ending where the poor lady drowned to death (I HATE THAT!  It's so awful that I think 100% of the ladies Daniel Craig Bond sleeps with ends up dead!  The other girlfriend of the villain in Casino Royale.  Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace, the girlfriend of the Javier Bardem in Skyfall... Craig Bond has a death penis!  The lady in the beach survived in Skyfall because Bond wasn't in active duty then).

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