Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thoughts Aside - (Super)Powerful, Influential Men

  Holy cow, this could get slightly controversial but, with superhero movies being the craze (well, we're in Phase 2 with Marvel now.  It's becoming to be a regular fixture.  Though DC is going through their first foray just next year.), new superheroes are being introduced, gearing up but the film crossovers.  But superpowers and extra abilities are the prerequisite to join the renowned teams like the Avengers and the Justice League.  Of course, the even regular folks with no inherent abilities can join in, as is with the case of guys like Iron Man and Ant-Man (who have special suits) and Hawkeye and Black Widow (who have skills).  

  But what about the powerful men in our time?  The ones who walked the earth, perhaps without weapons or augmented abilities.  They might not have super strength but they still moved the earth and changed history?

  Well, a league of extra ordinary gentlemen has already been introduced, of sorts.  It's in cartoons, movies, comics and such, though mostly as parodies.  Sorry, but this is one of them, hence possibly controversial.  Taking from the ranker list of the most influential people of all time, we'll go with what sort of fictitious superpower they could have to join join the big leagues like the Avengers or Justice League or X-Men, though they'll probably end up overshadowing their team mates, haha.

1.  Jesus Christ
  Oooh, the big one.  Well, he has water bending skills like water walking, changing water into wine, healing spit and water comes from his side when pierced.  Plus immortality.

2.  Albert Einstein
  Master of Relativity.  He's all theory but if he can turn them into fact, he can covert matter into energy and vice versa, making for devastating firepower.

3.  Isaac Newton
   Grandmaster of Gravity.  The apple falling on his head may be a myth but he can use gravimetrics to do all sorts of tricks like flying, crushing rocks and levitating cities.

4.  Leonardo da Vinci
   Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man then... Renaissance Man!  As a master builder, he can whip up a retro styled power suit with various gadgets attached.

5.  Muhamm-d
  Hmm, don't think I can say anything about this.  Some entertainers got death threats with their version of him so I'll just leave their depiction of him here.

6.  Aristotle
  Major Philosopher.  Probably the conscience of the group, with all his talk of ethics and such.  But if cornered, he can defeat foes with a vicious tongue lashing.

7.  Adolf Hitler
   Not a hero but his head or brain is used in a lot of fiction.  No, seriously.  Total brain in a jar or zombie or something.

8.  Galileo Galilei
   The Astronomer.  A visionary with telescopic vision, perhaps other visor variations like the sun spotter or the moon phaser.

9.  Charles Darwin
   The Grand Evolutionary.  I guess he either has the power of bestowing the X-Gene on others to cause them to mutate or he can use it on himself spontaneously.  Or both.

10. Plato
  Well, he's more a Platonic Lover and not a fighter but if you challenge his views, he will show you his vulgar side with a divine display of a smackdown.

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