Saturday, 22 August 2015

Movie Review - Hitman : Agent 47

   I'm not familiar with the game franchise and I haven't watched the first movie version of the character but I can see that I'm in for an action packed spectacle in Hitman : Agent 47.  Didn't realize how much I'd like aspects of it though.

   Katia is trying to find a certain person while agencies are trying to find her in turn and using enhanced specialists to get the job done.

   I actually thought that Rupert Friend was another actor.  He maintains a stiff, grim demeanor, one that initially inspires terror in his unstoppable, single-minded pursuit of his prey.  The game changes when new information is introduced and the person you root for may shift hands, though I admit that I stuck to wanting Zachary Quinto's character to succeed.  He's equally determined, perhaps even more so, but he tries not to hide it under a veneer of stoicism, making him more human than the Agent.  Damsel Hannah Ware changes gears as well, though her new phase isn't on the same level of badass as her peers, or non-peers.

   The story would be new to some and sadly the second trailer gives away the real plot.  Even just having the Agent 47 running amok would be interesting.  Relating to the characters would be secondary, though I unexpectedly latched on to Smith, so it's better to sit back and enjoy the carnage.

   And what carnage!  The action scenes are brutal, very brutal.  The fatalities are on the level of gore porn at time.  Blood splatters freely from gunshots and some from creative avenues where bodies are pretty mangled.  The hand to hand combat is as hard hitting as can be, though Quinto's physicality is sometimes suspect? A style of almost effortless slaughter is introduced, fitting into the story as emotions are not factored in. The technology used is on par with spy flicks but used quite unevenly.  

   Agent 47 is described as inhuman and devoid of feeling.  Perhaps one could take that into account when one experience absolute glee at the atrocities committed on screen.  It's a thrilling feat of frantic, almost non-stop action so best to check your moral center out the door and let yourself enjoy the death coming your way.  Hitman : Agent 47 is unforgivingly on target in this regard and it is awesome.

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