Monday, 3 August 2015

Movie Review - Inside Out

I've always been a fan of Pixar and their crusade for high quality kid's animation.  Inside Out is a concept that isn't wholly new.  The inside of a person as a collection of tiny people has been used in movies, tv shows and even one off cartoon episodes.  The use of emotional aspects is a bit of innovation though.

The outside premise is the young Riley dealing with her family moving to a different state.  Inside her though, her emotions are in disarray as Joy and Sadness accidentally cast out of their headquarters.

Pixar doesn't go for the easy jokes.  Sure, there's slapstick and silliness but the humor is never really dumbed down.  And whoa, does Inside Out get deep.  Yes, there's the trademark scene (or scenes, plural) to make you cry but there's the psychological factors that are tackled in an understated way that might fly over kids' heads but older folks would totally understand.

Not to say that I agree with everything though.  I mean, I wondered why Disgust was there (even though she was a totally awesome though a bit stereotyped) and what happened to other emotions like Love or Apathy.  The Islands of Personality are suspect.  Then there's the bits I can't bring up because they're spoilers.  There's also the aspects of the mind that's not delved into, not because they're not interesting (seriously, Imagination Land and Dream Productions are filled with potential), but because they're not directly tied to the subject of emotions.

The production is, as usual, absolutely gorgeous.  Very bright and colorful in the mind.  It's a bit spaced out, not a cluttered mind, as it were.  The emotions were well designed though the mind workers were a little plainer.  There's not much in terms of action spectacles but there are very well done tense and exciting moments to counter the somber parts.  The overall feel of the film is still joyful.

  Inside Out is a winner.  It is not a brainless comedy but a deep introspection and it deserves all the acclaim it can get.

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