Saturday, 22 August 2015

Movie Review - Vacation

   I've only watched the European Vacation of the Griswolds and not the actual Walley World trip they had.  This revival references the old adventures and, yes, saying that this one will stand on its own. 

   The modern Griswold family take a trip in a foreign vehicle and encounter a lot of misadventures on their way to Walley World.

   Instant classics are hard to come by since breaking new ground is difficult when others have tread that path already.  It's even harder when the film is a remake or a sequel.  So one can't really expect the new Vacation film to suddenly be beloved and awarded.  What it does succeed in is getting unexpected laughs from the audience, be it from its crude and vulgar jokes or sudden surprises that will catch you off guard.  Certain fans of The Walking Dead tv show should give this a shot.

   The comedy is largely simple, often times gross.  It's very easy to turn your brain off and enjoy the ride.  Be warned that there's nudity of both genders but, hey, that's equality for you.  Vacation is good for guilty laughs so give it a shot.

   If you wait until the very end of the credits, you just hear the song finish with 'Eating corn at Walley World.'

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