Thursday, 15 October 2015

Movie Review - Crimson Peak

  Guillermo del Toro is known for elaborate sets, attention to detail and, of course, the horror aspect.  He doesn't stray from his formula with Crimson Peak, the story of a lady haunted by ghosts in this supernatural suspense.

   As usual, the sets and props are absolutely gorgeous.  The house in Europe is a character unto itself with the bleeding walls and grand layout.  The clothes are all authentic for the gothic setting, or as close as the fantasy could possibly be.  

   The horror aspect comes in with the spectral visitations.  There aren't many jump scares here but you get glimpses of 'something' in the background sometimes.  Nearly all major spirits are slow moving, disgusting and gory manifestations.  It's frightening, to be sure, but the computer generated details are so clear and vivid that it practically takes away from the mystique.  The clean and crispness of the realism almost made them artificial.

   The story is a rather simple ghostly tale, the beginning being a very promising period romance with the frills and haughtiness packaged in the period then the mystery creeps in.  While the dread factor remains in full force, there is little bite to the spectral proceedings.  The payoff isn't as satisfying as it could be, despite all the build up.

   The Crimson Peak is an elaborately wrapped Gothic present but the surprise is a little underwhelming.  The peak is bloodily red but, while a stunning spectacle, it doesn't quite reach the lofty heights that is expected of Guillermo del Toro previous works.

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