Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Movie Review - The Intern

   There was another intern related movie semi recently but this one goes for a much older demographic and more star power.  Supposedly has more heart too.

   A 70 year old retiree joins an outreach program of a new trendy company and ends up bonding with his troubled boss.

   The first premises works with an older gentleman adjusting to the modern technology laden world and the new attitudes of the latest generation of workers.  This tried and tested trope could have played both scenarios for laughs, whether the senior successfully adapts to the new company or he teaches them about the old school values.  Both aspects are used in the film, though not quite to the extent that it could have been.

   The story was actually high jacked by the female boss.  Her high strung, perfectionist nature was one thing but then her family life was suddenly brought in, including new and extra affairs.  These developments overshadowed the initial idea revolving around the senior's experiencing and it made the young executive's dilemmas take center stage.  This placed the story on uneven grounds

   As a comedy, the Intern was fine with its lightheartedness and a few situational predicaments.  But the sudden drama took the intern off the rails, to the point that it would have been titled the Boss instead. The extra length of the film is noticeable too.  It could have stuck with either or and both would have been fine, simpler flicks.  Still, a pleasant enough diversion.

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