Tuesday, 6 October 2015

TV Review - Heroes Reborn

   I was a fan of Heroes when it first aired.  It tackled the superhero genre with reverence and had an astounding set of characters.  Too bad things fell apart after the first couple of seasons.  It was such a shame to have the once proud series be brought low.  But with Heroes Reborn, perhaps it may redeem itself.

   The first two episodes jumps ahead from how the last series ended, supposedly to bring in new viewers as even older fans would be left in the dark.  The plot comes off as not very original.  The superpowered folks are called Evos, a term generated before in a cartoon.  Gifted folks being persecuted is xplicitly xhumed from comic book themes and not very new at all.  This is a bit of a shame but a cool, new mystery is being developed, which hopefully lives up to the hype.  The new show retains its trademark scene title indicators, the voiceover, the atmosphere and the slow drip of reveals from motionless character arcs going on simultaneously.

   As for the characters, three old faces resurface.  The horned rimmed glasses guy is always behind the scenes, either pulling the strings or grasping at straws.  The other two are more of cameos, both welcome and unwelcome in certain ways as their roles are different from before.

  The new players introduced are hit and miss.  The new teen angle is a misfit boy who doesn't have the charm of the cheerleader.  The Asian warrior is brought low by unimpressive CGI, though the sidekick has potential. The Hispanic heartthrob is too broody and might not even have powers.  The femme eye candy appears in the second ep and is kinda old-ish / new-ish.  Probably the most interesting would be the visible antagonists as they have a slight sympathetic side.  It helps that Zachary Levi is in on the role, though he is almost unrecognizable as a terse, tough guy killer.

   The promise of more old characters returning are quite welcome, especially my favorite Hiro, but at the moment, the current crop of do-gooders doesn't quite capture my attention.  An incident in the second episode made me cry foul too.  But since this second coming is only a 13 episode mini series, it might mean a faster paced story and a quicker payoff so it's easier to be convinced to stick around.

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