Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mall of Asia - Star Wars The Force Awakens Exhibit

     We've still got Star Wars fever clear into 2016 with The Force Awakens exhibits set-up in Mall of Asia.  
     An X-Wing ship has landed in the Mall of Asia atrium where one has the opportunity to sit in the cockpit for a free picture taking.  The computer panel doesn't have interactive button and you kinda only get to stay there for a few seconds because there are other people waiting in line.  Behind the billboard would be a Star Wars Battlefront video game array which is also free play.
     At the Cyberzone area on the second floor on the side wing, there's four new generation Storm Troopers ready to be shot at by passers by (with cameras, not laser blasters).  On the flip side would be two light-up lightsabers to be used if you'd like to pretend to be a Jedi or a Sith (or more currently, a Ren).
     An interesting interactive element would be the augmented reality BB-8 where you can use an app to scan the poster and have BB-8 roll into your device and interact with you in a virtual way.  There should be a guy nearby with a pad if you don't have one ready.   
     Of course there's still the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film still being shown in IMAX and large format screens even throughout the Metro Manila Film Fest.  
     All the displays will be around until January 3, 2016 so check them out this weekend, before or after you see the film.

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