Monday, 15 February 2016

Movie Review - The Big Short

   With the pedigree of the cast, perhaps some folks are underwhelmed to discover that 'The Big Short' doesn't feature actual shorts.  Nah, 'shorting' is actually a business related term, something about stocks and options and underselling and diabolical economic jargon. But the film is kind enough to offer self referential explanations in a tongue in cheek manner.

   So seriously, or not so seriously, The Big Short has short sighted folks participating in a housing not-scam that only select individuals caught wind of.  What followed is a hilarious and tense look into the horrendous business world.

   The format of the film is light hearted humor until one realizes that the topic is serious business.  There's breaking of the fourth wall and testimonial cuts that add more to the hilarious situations that occur in this drama.  The treatment is engaging enough to be extremely entertaining and this is despite the depth of specialized information the film plows through.

  It's really deep!  One is flooded with terms and names that leaves one floundering at the deep end of the pool.  Jenga and celebrities are hired to simplify the jargon, which adds to the comedic effect. Multiple viewpoints from various characters who don't even meet leads to diverse perspectives, though not quite as balanced.  The audience will root for the heroes until they realize this is not quite a good thing.

   Despite all the laughs and craziness, the smoke and mirrors are actually based on true events that happened in America a few years ago.  The effect is sobering but needed to be explored and 'The Big Short' is just the film to tackle the subject in a brilliant and entertaining manner.

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