Monday, 15 February 2016

Movie Review - Brooklyn

   The title gives nothing away but this period piece is practically a masterpiece of cinema simplicity.

   An Irish lass named Eilis tries to make a new life in America.  She finds love along the way but circumstances conspire to leave her undone.

  This is a very, very simple movie. The drama is set in the 1950's of an innocent Irish girl settling in Brooklyn and finding her way in life and it doesn't try to go further than that.  The cinematography is quite understated.  The slice of life nature of the film maintains a very pleasant tone and just lets the story unfold as it is day by day.  It makes for an almost fairy tale storytelling experience.

  The lead actress, Saoirse Ronan, is superb at keeping her character intact.  She isn't prone to being over expressive and she exudes charm without being overt.  She's plain yet pretty as a picture at the same time; her qualities further enhanced the more the audience gets to know her, be it good or bad.  Tony the Italian boyfriend, played by Emory Cohen, is too endearing to be true. He's bashful and a gentleman but also decidedly 'bad', when taking the milieu into account.  The cast also has wonderful supporting characters like the worldly ladies at the boarding house, old fashioned matrons and more unsuspecting folks young and old.

   Not too many complications with this film.  It's sweet and romantic and follows a steady pace.  Watch it to cleanse the palate of courser and rougher films.

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