Monday, 15 February 2016

Movie Review - The Danish Girl

   Another period piece about the woman who finds her identity.  Or is it?  Best not to have a lot of background information behind the history when one starts.

   Einar is a painter who indulges his wife in posing for a portrait that somehow leads to discoveries about his sexuality and outlook.  Her journey is heartbreaking and poignant.

  Eddie Redmayne bares his soul, amongst other things as he portrays the vulnerabilities of the poor lost soul.  His wife, played by Alicia Vikander, shares in her confusion and bewilderment, deserving equal praise in their emotional investment of their characters.  The setting contributes much to the atmosphere fostered in the two main locales, evoking both joy and bleakness in the rooms alone.

  The historical impact of Lili's journey is significant, even with the outcome as she trailblazes the way for the other not-afflicted folks.  The Danish Girl is a marvelous insight into the life of the pioneer and will hopefully bring hope to others in the same but better situation.

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