Friday, 26 February 2016

Movie Review - Zoolander 2

   It's over a decade since the last Zoolander.  Why have a sequel now?  Would it still take the world by storm or is it an outdated fad?

   Derek Zoolander has fallen on hard times but is reunited with his fellow hasbeen Hansel in a dastardly plot involving his old nemesis.

   Zoolander as a person and a franchise isn't meant to be intellectually engaging.  The fashion theme is suppose to promote being shallow and heavy on looks.  Like the first film, the sequel is filled with celebrity personalities, though not all on the same high profile level.  The sets are quite elaborate and the locations are well chosen.

   Par for the course, the plot is pure fluff and the silliness will either annoy or endear, probably depending on if one can stomach Ben Stiller's supposed accent.  The humor consists of outright stupidity and a whole lot of camera mugging with hilarious or not hilarious expressions.  The subtext on the fashion industry is there but less on the behind the scenes process and more of relatable themes like body weight and image and family.

   But did Zoolander 2 recapture the magic of the original?  Depends on if you enjoyed the first outing.  This is more of the same, as seen with how Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson barely changed even after a decade.  But beauty is only skin deep.

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