Monday, 7 March 2016

Movie Review - Kung Fu Panda 3

   The third in the franchise and it still packs quite a panda punch!  Considering sequel fatigue, it's a huge feat that this still stuffs so much heart and fists into the film and still pulls it off.

   Po discovers his roots as a new foe with more mystic leanings guns for every martial arts master in the land.  He learns new lessons and imparts them as well on his evolution as a true dragon warrior.

   Again, the animation rendering is absolutely gorgeous; made even more evident by magical effects in the spirit realm.  Vibrant effects and smooth movement are made to impress and does so in spades.  

   The characters are larger than life, though some are still overshadowed by others such as Monkey and Viper.  Humor is simple and a bit disrespectful at times but still draws laughs.  The moral isn't too overbearing, considering it isn't Po's to learn this time around.

   Kung Fu Panda 3 still holds much wonder for its fans.  It deserves the applause that it gets.

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