Thursday, 7 April 2016

Movie Review - Batman Vs Superman

   There's a lot of anticipation when Batman Vs Superman was announced.  Even the title itself is enough to gain worldwide attention.  But does it live up to expectations?

   Superman's growing renown becomes a concern for certain parties including the government and Led Luthor.  Batman takes steps in trying to take him down.

   What the heck happened?  The plot doesn't follow (Superman doesn't bother using bullets, Batman knows Superman was framed but tries to kill him anyway, there's so many other ways conflict could have been avoided, etc) and the characters' iconic status' was messed up (Batman was murdering people, Lex Luthor was behaving like the Joker, Superman wasn't using his powers properly, etc).  

  The film tries to lay groundwork for the planned Justice League franchise but they fail to do the main characters justice.  Wonder Woman was a bright spot, at the very least.  Special effects were ok and the acting was fine (except for Lex Joker) but the whole thing was still disappointing.

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