Thursday, 26 May 2016

Movie Review - The Surprise

   This film is, yes, quite a surprise.  The premise is a little hard to relate to for most but watching it becomes an exercise is trying not to smile.

   After a crippling loss in his life, Jacob has decided to end it all by a going through a unique form of assisted suicide.  Meeting another person undergoing the same program prompts him to have second thoughts.

   The setting is gorgeous as the main character is wealthy and the locations are either in opulent surroundings or in the lovely streets in Netherlands.  This part is the bit that might be unrelatable, as the protagonist is well off but still wants to take his own life.  Perhaps being made more man-of-the-street would have brought him to more humanized levels.  His emotional discrepancy could be transferred with no change really.  But then the audience would lose seeing the beautiful gardens and fancy rooms in his mansion.

   The female companion is a cute touch, very cute and almost too good to be true.  The romance is sweet and what happens next might either be a complete surprise or a standard trope to those familiar with the genre.  The story could have gone either way, though I personally would prefer a more pure route.  This doesn't quite present a plot problem as much as the supposed villain who steps out way late in the game and is rather ineffectual with his machinations.

   But make no mistake, The Surprise is a wonderful and sweet flick for those romantics or those struggling for a little more excitement in what they believe is a dreary life.  You will find yourself in for more than just a little Surprise.

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