Monday, 4 July 2016

Movie Review - The Conjuring 2

   It's another sequel but actually a prequel.  As the story happens in the past, you know the paranormal investigators will survive.  But even with that knowledge, the film is still chockfull of horrific fun.

   A family in Europe is haunted by a spirit possessing one of the daughters of the household.  The Warren family try to prove that it's not a hoax and try to survive the supernatural incident.

   Yes, it's a horror movie but, wow, is it so much fun to be frightened.  The atmosphere with the dilapidated house, the gloomy light, the eerie music completely sets the stage for one to be held at the edge of your seat.  The scares, be they slow and deliberate or jumping out of nowhere, are both expected and unexpected and all effective in freaking the audience out.  There is not much gore and only a few disturbing images, like the nun (who is arguably a relative of Marilyn Manson, kidding) but you will be frightened... but still be laughing about it.

   This Conjuring tries to take itself seriously, being based on true events and such.  And children being in danger is always a good way hook.  There's actually not much in terms of new in horror effects or else innovative enough but it still utilizes its terror techniques to nigh maximum effect.  That included the singing segment.  Kidding, haha.

   The Conjuring 2 is for the horror fans, those who love to get a scare.  It's a thrilling ride that would make you scream while watching then laugh about afterwards. You know what you're getting into so watch and enjoy.

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