Friday, 15 July 2016

Movie Review - Ghostbusters

  I've been waiting for this film because I'm a fan of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  Saw the second movie recently too (noticed that there weren't actually that many ghosts in it).  But you gotta watch the original Ghostbusters to catch the references in this new version. 

   Erin spent her time being an outcast due to what she saw.  Teaming up with her old writing partner Abby plus Jillian then Patty to investigate the paranormal vindicates her as real ghosts start manifesting.  Two sinister forces seek to undermine their efforts to fight the ectoplasmic entities.

   First off, nice level of effects they maintain.  The apparitions aren't super realistic as to seriously frighten folks.  There's a quality about them that makes them scary but not extremely disturbing.  

  The action was well done but the technology within the movie needed to be explained.  Were the proton streams seeking to entrap or to disperse the molecules of the apparitions?  How solid are they at certain points?  There were new weaponry developed and each acted destructively when they're only suppose to affect the ectoplasmic?

   Now the humor, most of it is in the banter.  The interplay between friends was there but kinda fade out because of plot advancement.  A lot of the jokes fell on the not very smart but godly secretary that they have.  It may work for some but sometimes they go on for too long.  There's some amusing visual bits, especially in regards to the cameos.  Wow, the CAMEOS!  But you'd need to watch the first movie again.  There's some aural bits like the 80's music then there's a whole lot of incredible dancing but you'll see. 

   About the plot though, it benefits from having a different type of antagonist of sorts but semi bungles the treatment of the secondary hindrance.  Still works for the general atmosphere but a bit clunky.  The characters may have wit and purpose but they lost a bit of the heart and soul in the final analysis.  It's like they had roles to play and did it in automatic at times.  Though they tried with the friendship part, they could have done with more proper character development to make them more memorable as actual people and not cutouts.  The fact that they're an all female team isn't even factored in.  They just have a job they had to do.  A possible gender slant might only apply to degrading the male secretary but they make use of it well.

   But this new Ghostbusters is a thrill, with or without the callbacks and references for the fans of the film franchise.  It's a comedy so don't expect a masterpiece but then the first film is a comedy too.  There might be some slowdowns and the glib talk might not be for everybody but it's still an exciting special effects ride that hopefully gets a sequel or even a side sequel.

   Btw, this is NOT the same version of Slimer.  Slimer here is a different universe so he's not the same as movie Slimer.  But even movie Slimer is different than the Real GB friendly Slimer.  But movie Slimer's driving ability from movie 2 carries over.

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