Monday, 4 July 2016

Movie Review - Independence Day : Resurgence

   It's been 20 years but Independence Day is still important.  Well, the official one is for sure.  As for this sequel, well, is it still relevant?  I'd say yes.

   The aliens are back and characters from 20 years ago are tasked to stop the extraterrestrial menace along with new friends and family.

   There's a lot that could happen in 20 years in real time, primarily with technology.  Now the aliens and special effects are upgraded to look more striking and sharp.  Not to mention more destructive.  The worldwide damage is tremendous to say the least.  The impact is slightly lessened since the audience has seen more than their share of carnage but there's new wrinkles in the foreign occupation.  

   Time has also greatly affected the actors but they are all extremely well composed.  Bill Pullman is still fighting fit and scientists Jeff Goldblum and Brent Spiner are no wore for wear.  The new blood Liam Hemsworth takes over the role vacated by the willful prince, which is surprising since there's already a legacy character in place.  There's two geeky roles included in the film and both have character arcs that are followed through in a standard fashion.  Sort of a retroactive feel of sorts.

   There's supposedly some logical inconsistencies pointed in the first film but if there's any in this sequel, it just embraces the path the original took.  This is not a problem as this action packed, sci  fi flick doesn't take itself completely seriously and nether should the audience.  Go enjoy every second of it.

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