Thursday, 28 July 2016

Movie Review - Star Trek : Beyond

   The new Star Trek is a very spiffy universe, shiny with potential.  It's still building its personal myth, creating its new identity and it's just what the audience, old or new, projects onto it that colors their reaction.  The new entry aimed to go beyond expectations but doesn't go hard enough.

   Captain Kirk and Spock contemplate their future when a rescue mission splits up and strands the crew on a hostile planet.  They must keep a doomsday device away from a not-so-old foe while being limited to resources at hand.

   As usual, the film is not lacking in the special effects department.  The space slaughter and the gleaming orbital station are wondrous to behold.  The finale is quite disconcertingly impressive from a technical standpoint, at least in execution.  The new aliens are more involved as well, be they just be make up or have some CGI enhancements.   

   The plot though seems to be too pedestrian, especially with the reveal of the sought after artifact and the supposed twist.  Even with the significant loss in the beginning, there's nothing too extravagant about the basic story.  Though they tried with his history, the villain didn't stand out as much.  The doomsday reveal was disappointing and the procedure to procure it seemed quite convoluted.   Overall, the film felt like a long, two part special television episode with a budget but not enough for the big screen. 

   Star Trek Beyond did not quite go beyond certain expectations but it's still a good entry into the franchise.  Their tribute to the death of Leonard Nimoy was beautiful and having to include Anton Yelchin was just tragic.

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