Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Movie Review - The Beatles : Eight Days A Week

     The Beatles were a phenomenon but as I wasn't born during their rise to fame, everything I know about them is second hand.  My mom was around then though so she would probably appreciate this documentary since she lived through part of it.

   John, Paul, George and Ringo were catapulted to stardom as the Beatles during the 1960's.  They toured for a scant couple of years and the film documents their experience.

   Just for local watchers, yes, the Philippines gets mentioned as Imelda Marcos was offended when her meal invitation was turned down.  There's a headline on how the Beatles gets a bum's rush for snubbing the First Lady and one of the members actually mentions the name Philippines by saying that their experience in the next country would be better than ours.  Well, we get some notoriety for that.

   The release in cinemas here will also have the 30minute Shea Stadium concert, minus the non-Beatles acts.  It's an extra treat for the true blue fans as the performance is remastered.  It's not the same as the real thing but it's complete and much appreciated.

   The documentary does not get too in-depth with the individual Beatles.  As usual, John and Paul get the lion's share of the spotlight.  It gets into some of their troubled times like relating a Hard Day's Night or asking for Help in their song writing plus the whole 'bigger than Jesus' debacle but it doesn't get truly personal.  Their families aren't mentioned and their origins were just quickly touched upon.  But this film is about their touring years and not a biography so it only encourages the audience to do more research themselves if the movie so inspires them.

  There're celebrity testimonials like Whoopi Goldberg and Sigourney Weaver plus reporters present during the times and, of course, the remaining Beatles.  The most endearing parts were the initial interviews of the members during the start of the boom.  They were enjoying the attention, making jokes and generally having fun.  More of those footage would have been great to show off their personality.  Towards the end of the movie, it just got more somber as the audience sees how they were eventually worn down.

   8 Days A Week really is about the touring years, up to their final live performance.  There's statistics and background information but the snippets of performances and candid moments are the gems.  Fans would be sure not to miss this and for the curious about the so-called Beatlemania, this would be a suitable starting point before they changed their image and music.  

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