Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Movie Review - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

   I haven't read the novels but watching the movie prompted me to start, to satisfy my need to know what was changed and what wasn't.  Seeing as how it looked like another type of British magical place full of mutant children, this looked like it would be a lot of fun.

   A tragedy forces Jake into finding a very peculiar household, not knowing that there's extreme danger involved.  Monstrous creatures are out to hunt down the special children and Jake is instrumental in the proceedings.

   Yes, it's Tim Burton.  One expects the lavish sets and extraordinary atmosphere.  What is missing is his mainstay actor and actress but at least Eva Green is there to play the carbon copy to a British tea.  While the production value is quite high, the acting seems a bit off, maybe artificial.  Perhaps it's a stylistic choice but some of the lines delivered seemed to be without much passion.  It could be said of the forced young romance or family connection but it's very peculiar.

   The time travel plot is slightly confusing since different rules apply but what's mind boggling is how some characters react.  With a superheroic mindset, choices seem clear on how to deal with the menaces presented but there are some instances where the players simply don't do the most logical of actions.  Perhaps the children do not have the killer instinct but then the villains also hold off on obvious heinousness.  This is odd considering how gruesome some scenes get.  Very peculiar.

   The action and the horror are particularly well done, when the characters are acting as they should.  They are an interesting bunch and it would be wonderful to know more about them.  There are hints of more behind what was shown on the screen, like the cruel puppet master and the one with the eye for fashion but I suppose this will be saved for the next instalment, if the first foray is successful, which should hopefully be so.  There is so much potential for these mutant throwbacks that being critical would just improve it.  As it is though, the adaptation already flipped around a major character and changed certain powers so being faithful is not exactly in the books anymore.  Perhaps Miss Peregrine's next home will have tighter plotting as this home is slightly broken, but still very put together well enough.

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