Thursday, 22 September 2016

Movie Review - Storks

   Where would kids nowadays pick up on the classic idea that babies are delivered by storks?  Where did the paradigm originate anyhow?  It doesn't matter since the practice is considered obsolete and the storks in this latest CGI feature have new occupations occupying their time.  Or not?

   The soon-to-be-promoted Junior and the orphan Tulip must deliver a baby girl before the snafu is discovered.  Obstacles from within and without hinder their plan.

   Despite having babies be the mcguffin and even avoiding the issue of pregnancy, the movie is constructed not to be little kid friendly.  The rapid fire, motormouth humor is too fast-paced and self referential to be for pre schoolers.  The treatment might actually be aimed for teens and older, though the film is filled with super cute scenes and jokes.  The frenetic, frantic and funny fiascos the feathered and friends fall into are hilariously hip and situational but it's the witty banter that moves this road trip of sorts.  

   Practically all the characters are glib with repartee prepared, even down to the little boy.  Spotlighted stork Adam Samberg is a comedian in his own right and plays the barbed exchanges very well with his human travel companion Katie Crown who can hold conversations by herself.  Stephen Kramer Glickman stands out from flock as the ambitious pigeon with a homaged personality.  Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are sure to be favorites due to their loveable wolf personas.

   Storks is well animated with jerky, snappy movements and transitions that fit with the vocal exchanges.  Quick and colorful, the film flashes by in a brisk pace punctuated by clever one liners and funny remarks.  Storks does deliver humor that teens and adult would enjoy while babies and kids would be dazzled by the crisp visuals.

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